Quick, fun and effective way to get in shape.

K 1

Our K1 classes are a blend between kickboxing and Thai Box utilising on different combinations of stand-up martial art techniques. During the K1 class you will focus mainly on learning good technique, coordinating balance and enhancing our overall physique.

Thai box

The art of “eight limbs” where you are free to punch or kick as much as you like as long as your technique is correct. This session is mainly focused on perfecting technique and increasing your overall fitness level.

Martial arts circuit

Burning up to 800 calories per session, with martial Art Circuits you are up for a good sweat sesh. You will combine elements of tradition boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA to enhance your physique and push yourself to absolute limits. 

We also provide 1:1 martial art personal training sessions. Please contact the front desk for more information.