We are the first fitness studio in the Czech republic opening for our clients this completely unique cardio training. It will be available to all visitors of the Xplore fitness. The only thing to do is to come during the day at the right time in to our cycling studio. On the board will be promoted 3 unique virtual programmes Les Mills RPM, Les Mills SPRINT and Les Mills THE TRIP.

You can regularly place the virtual cycling cardio lesson into your training and follow the VIRTUAL CYCLING schedule. Individuall lessons are taking place almost the whole day, only the standard lessons wit the instructor are replacing them, which you shouldn´t miss. Everything has its magic….

Come to try the new virtual achievement with us, immerse yourself in the new cycling dimension.

You can find and visit the virtual 3D world, where music and environment harmony perfectly together in the new dimension of fitness trainings,  right now and only at our Xplore fitness Na Příkopě 17.

Cryotherapy is currently the most effective and comprehensive method of regenerating and stimulating the musculoskeletal system and is often used by athletes and fitness clubs around the world. So, no wonders, you can now find this latest therapeutic method in Xplore Fitness as well!

Cryotherapy is also known as ice treatment or cold therapy. It is a process where the body temperature is brought down at the tissue and cellular level in order to achieve therapeutic benefits.

Cryotherapy has an excellent effect on both acute and chronic problems, pains or allergies. It supports collagen production, speeds up metabolism, rejuvenates the skin and accelerates healing processes after injuries or operations. Cryotherapy also helps athletes with sore muscles, regeneration and it allows for great relaxation.

Starting price: 250 CZK / therapy / 2 min.

Advantages of Cryotherapy

  • immunity enhancement
  • stimulates and regenerates muscles and the whole musculoskeletal system
  • helps to recover faster after exercise
  • accelerates rehabilitation and the healing processes after injuries
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves skin
  • fastens metabolism
  • increases the formation of beta-endorphins, which cause happiness and excitement.


It is time to power your core! We are introducing our newest addition to group lessons – CXWORX by LesMills. All the moves in CXWORX have options, so it’s challenging but achievable for your level of fitness. During the 30-minute workout our instructors will guide you through correct technique as you work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches, and hovers.

Available in our new schedule since September! Stay tuned and let’s work those abs!

The summer is almost over but Xplore Fitness is here to help you to continue achieving your health and fitness goals. That is why we prepared a special 3+1 Xautumn membership so you can get your body ready for surviving the Christmas feast. Buy the standard 3-month membership and get one month entirely for free! So what are you waiting for?

Come and join us at the biggest and most modern fitness in the heart of Prague!