We are the first fitness studio in the Czech republic opening for our clients this completely unique cardio training. It will be available to all visitors of the Xplore fitness. The only thing to do is to come during the day at the right time in to our cycling studio. On the board will be promoted 3 unique virtual programmes Les Mills RPM, Les Mills SPRINT and Les Mills THE TRIP.

You can regularly place the virtual cycling cardio lesson into your training and follow the VIRTUAL CYCLING schedule. Individuall lessons are taking place almost the whole day, only the standard lessons wit the instructor are replacing them, which you shouldn´t miss. Everything has its magic….

Come to try the new virtual achievement with us, immerse yourself in the new cycling dimension.

You can find and visit the virtual 3D world, where music and environment harmony perfectly together in the new dimension of fitness trainings,  right now and only at our Xplore fitness Na Příkopě 17.