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Born in Zimbabwe. I was a professional athlete but unfortunately had an injury during 2012 Olympic qualifiers. That time I turned to athlete development and management, with athletic conditioning training to help other athletes to avoid what I’ve gone through.


  • Anatomical and Biomechanical Principles
  • Sport and Exercise Physiology
  • Anatomical and Physiology (in Fitness)
  • Physical Education and Exercise for Children


As a strength and conditioning trainer my primary goal is to help others to improve their fitness. I specialize in athletic conditioning and development focused on improving performance and/or skill in sport.

However, primarily I work with athletes but my expertise and skill set allows me to have a diverse portfolio of clients with various physical, health and wellness needs. My clients are from 5 years old kids in need of motor skills development, average office employees and regular persons seeking to improve their general health and wellness to complement their lifestyles.

My personal training and conditioning services are all about fitness improvement and lifestyle enhancement focusing on:

  • Biomechanics and Posture
  • Straight Conditioning
  • Weight Management
  • Body Shaping and Toning
  • Muscle Building
  • Myofascial Release Therapy (Cupping and Scraping)




Phone: +420773166463


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